Work Boat

BUILT In Alcock Ashdown Gujarat Ltd.
Class ABS
Flag Mauritius
Year Built Dec 2009
Class Notation +A1, Offshore Support Vessel, (E), +AMS

Length overall 63.00 m
Length BP 58.80 m
Breadth MLD. 14.6 m
Depth MLD 5.5m
Draft max. 4.00 m
Deadweight 1066.59MT
Gross tonnage 1615
Clear deck space Approximately 335 sq. m
Frame spacing 600mm
Superstructure / Deck house height 2.4m
Bridge (wheel house) height 2.7m
Deck Loading 10T/sqm (Total Deck Cargo: 280T)

Main engines: 2 x 2000 BHP (ISO rating) (Caterpillar make, model 3516B)
Bow thruster: 2 x 200 KW (Electric motor, model HRP 2000 series type: HRP 2001TT)
Propulsion: Twin CPP(Scana Volda model ACG 62/525)
Main DG set: 2 x 350 KW (Caterpillar, Model C -18)
Shaft generator: 2 x 350 KW (Stamford)
Emergency generator: 1 x 65 KW (Caterpillar, Model C – 4.4)
Sewage Treatment Plant: 2 x 100 Person Capacity (Make: Evac)
Incinerator: 1 no (Make: TeamTech)
Oily Bilge Separator: 1 no (Make: Georim)
Service speed: Approximately 12 knots (85 % MCR)

Radar: S Band (10 cm) ARPA Radar. X Band (3 cm) Radar / with ARPA. (GPS connected to Radars).
VDR: Consillium
Echo Sounder / Speed log: JRC JFE-680/ JRC JLN-205
Compass: Gyro Compass with two Repeaters, Magnetic. Compass-JRC
Auto Pilot: Auto Pilot with off course alarm.
Other GMDSS Equipments: As per latest class/flag requirement

Deck crane: 1) Plimsoll 5t crane at 10 m. 2) SEKWANG15T@10m, 10T@15m and 4.50 m (API 2C).
Anchoring: 2 Nos 1440 Kg HHP Anchorsand one spare on board.
Tugger Winches: 2 Nos. , Pull:10T, Make: Plimsoll with 110 m. wire.
Capstan: 2 Nos. Pull 5T, Make: Plimsoll
Mooring system: 4-Point mooring system having 1000m wires & 5T-4. nos, flipper delta anchor. Bridge & Local Controls, having night vision camera, Tension & payout meters.

Main Fire Pump: 2 nos electrical motor driven 60m3 /hr at 40 m head.
Emergency fire pump; Diesel engine driven 45m3 /hr at 40 m head

For 75 Persons (as per ILO 92), 49 SP & 26 Crew
Officers: 6 x 1 berth & 1x 2 berth
Crew: 9 x 2 berth
Special personal: 3 x 1 berth + 1 x 2 berth + 8 x 4 berth + 2 x 6 berth
Conference Room: 2 nos, (for 12 persons seating capacity).
Project Office and Project Store: 1 each
Hospital: 2 Beds
Air conditioning and Refrigeration: Centralized air conditioning system with 100% standby arrangement, 1 meat/fish room & 1 Vegetable room
Wheel House: Fitted with Fwd and Aft control console and equipped
with CCTV.
Galley: Fitted with western type cooking range, Make-Denki
Work Shop: Spacious work shop having Lathe, grinding, drilling,
Welding machines & other work shop tools.
Fuel Consumption (Approximately): At Anchorage : 1.10 KL
At Sea: 11 KL at 85% MCR.

Cargo Fresh Water: 250.00 MT/ 45m3 per hour
Ship’s Fresh Water: 150.00 MT
Diesel Oil: 496.00 MT/ 25m3 per hour.
Hydraulic Oil; 12.34 m3
Lube Oil: 12.34 m3
Ballast; 300 MT/45m3 per hour.
Freezer (walk-in): 1 no. (300 liters).

Available Immediately (Middle East)

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