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European Made 2000 HP



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Made in China 2000 HP

Complete 2000HP SCR drilling rigs with CAT engines, Rosehill SCR house, Derrick Shale Shaker, Shaffer or Cameron BOP, drill string (tubular), and fishing tools.

Ready for rig up and 3rd party inspection. Some Key parameters as below:

Nominal drilling depth 7000m(23000ft) (4-1/2″ DP)
Rig rated max. static load capacity 4,500kN with 12 lines
3900kN with 10 lines, 3000kN with 8 lines
Maximum DP weight 2,200kN
Maximum fast line pull force 485kN
Rated input power of drawworks 2×800kW
Drawworks shifts 4+4R shift, stepless speed regulation
Rotary table ZP375, 37 1/2″ (952 mm) opening, DC motor drive 1+1R shift, stepless speed regulating..
Lines strung 12 (6×7) lines
OD of drill line 1-1/2″ (Ø38mm)
OD of the block sheave Ø1524mm
Internal diameter of swivel stem: 75mm(3″)
Mud pumps 1600HP (F-1600)
The mast “K” shape, 45.5m(150ft) clear height. Capacity of set back board: 7000m(23000ft) (4-1/2″DP), 4 stands of 10″ DC and 6 stands of 8″ DC.
Substructure Sling shot type
Drill floor height of 10.5m(35ft). Clear height of 8.92m(29ft).
Power transmission type AC-SCR-DC control
Engine Generators model CAT 3512BDITA/ SR4B
Auxiliary generator model & volt CAT C15, 292kW 400V
DC motors:
Drawworks motors 2 ×800kW
Mud pump motors 2×800kW for each
Rotary table motor 1×800kW
Auto-driller motor 1×45kW
Number of SCR 6,1 ea for the mud pumps, 2 for the drawworks, 1 for the rotary table.


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