Land Rigs for Sale is a broker for new and used land drilling rigs from the USA, Canada, Europe, and China. Many of the current offerings are listed below. Please send us a RFQ. Let us know if you need a rig that is not listed.

New Drilling Rigs

Made in Texas USA – 1300 HP Land Drilling Rig

1300 HP Heavy Duty Single Drum Drawworks. Nominal Drilling Depth: up to 14,000 ft.

Specifications and Photos

Price to be determined. Rig can be ready in about 60 days.

Note: Used 2010 version of this rig available. Price approximately US$ 2.0 million plus shipping.


1000 HP

Made in Texas USA – 1000 HP Land Drilling Rig

1000 HP MD COWAN – SUPER SINGLE® MD525 (M) Mechanical Drilling Rig


Price: Approximately $8.6 million with Warrior top drive (not listed), plus shipping. Final price to be determined. Rig can be ready in 90 days or less.

European Made 2000 HP



Contact OilRigsNow for price and availability.

Our Made in China made land drilling rigs use USA components for the major systems and are API certified. Rigs can normally be completed in 30-90 days.

Made in China 3000 HP


Nominal drilling depth 9,000 m with 114mm 4 1/2inch DP
Rig rated max. static load capacity 14 lines 6750kN
Maximum DP weight 3100KN
Maximum fast line pull 550KN
Rated input power of drawworks 4×700kW
The mast front opening, modular type
Substructure double deck moving offshore platform type
Height of Drill floor 11.5m
Power transmission type AC-VFD-AC control
Mud pumps 2200HP F2200HL
Engine Generators model CAT 3512BDITA/ SR4B
Auxiliary generator model ab and volt CAT3406DITA, 292kW 380V

PRICE: Approximately $20.5 million plus shipping. Final price to be determined.


Made in China 2000 HP

Complete 2000HP SCR drilling rigs with CAT engines, Rosehill SCR house, Derrick Shale Shaker, Shaffer or Cameron BOP, drill string (tubular), and fishing tools.

Ready for rig up and 3rd party inspection. Some Key parameters as below:

Nominal drilling depth 7000m(23000ft) (4-1/2″ DP)
Rig rated max. static load capacity 4,500kN with 12 lines
3900kN with 10 lines, 3000kN with 8 lines
Maximum DP weight 2,200kN
Maximum fast line pull force 485kN
Rated input power of drawworks 2×800kW
Drawworks shifts 4+4R shift, stepless speed regulation
Rotary table ZP375, 37 1/2″ (952 mm) opening, DC motor drive 1+1R shift, stepless speed regulating..
Lines strung 12 (6×7) lines
OD of drill line 1-1/2″ (Ø38mm)
OD of the block sheave Ø1524mm
Internal diameter of swivel stem: 75mm(3″)
Mud pumps 1600HP (F-1600)
The mast “K” shape, 45.5m(150ft) clear height. Capacity of set back board: 7000m(23000ft) (4-1/2″DP), 4 stands of 10″ DC and 6 stands of 8″ DC.
Substructure Sling shot type
Drill floor height of 10.5m(35ft). Clear height of 8.92m(29ft).
Power transmission type AC-SCR-DC control
Engine Generators model CAT 3512BDITA/ SR4B
Auxiliary generator model & volt CAT C15, 292kW 400V
DC motors:
Drawworks motors 2 ×800kW
Mud pump motors 2×800kW for each
Rotary table motor 1×800kW
Auto-driller motor 1×45kW
Number of SCR 6,1 ea for the mud pumps, 2 for the drawworks, 1 for the rotary table.

PRICE: Approximately $18.5 million plus shipping. Final price to be determined.


Made in China 1500 HP

1500HP SCR drilling rig with CAT engines, Derrick Shale Shaker, Shaffer or Cameron BOP, drill string (tubular), and fishing tools. Top Drive can be VARCO or BPM.

Nominal drilling depth range 114 mm(4 1/2″drill pipe): 3,500~5,000m(10000~16000ft)
127mm (5″drill pipe): 2,800~4,500m
Max. Hook load: 3,150kN
Diameter of wire line: 35mm
Structure of traveling system (parallel strung up): 6×7
Diameter of sheaves for traveling system: 1,270 mm
Rated power of drawworks: 1,500hp/1,100kW
Transmission of drawworks: 4F+4R stepless speed regulation
Max. Load of hoisting equipment: 3,150kN
Diameter of swivel stem: 75mm
Nominal diameter of table opening: 952.5mm
Transmission of rotary table: 2F+2R stepless speed regulation
Power & number of mud pumps: 1,176kW×3
Type & effective height of mast: “K” type, 45m
Type & height of substructure: slingshot (parallelogram), 9m
Drive type: AC-SCR-DC
Model & number of diesel generator set: CAT3512B×3
Power of diesel engine: 1,310kW
Rotary speed of diesel engine: 1,500r/min
Model & capacity of generator: SR4 1,900KVA
Voltage, frequency, & factor of main generator: 600V, 50Hz, 0.7
Power & number of auxiliary generator set: 292kW ×1
Power of rig’s final assembly: 4,230kw
Voltage, frequency, & factor of auxiliary generator: 400V, 50Hz, 0.8
AC input voltage & frequency of electric drive system: 3 phases, 600V, 50Hz
Output voltage of electric drive system: 0-750V
Output direct current of electric drive system: 0-1,800A
Control model of electric drive system: 5 SCR cabinets, adopting one-to-two type to control 7 DC motors
Max. Working pressure of air supply system: 1Mpa
Volume of solid control system: 340m3

PRICE: Approximately $16.5 million plus shipping. Final price to be determined.

Used Drilling Rigs


Used USA Land Drilling Rigs

1500 HP

Refurbished Brewster N-95 Drilling Rig

The following N-95 Drilling Rig and the support equipment as follows:
– Brewster N95 Single Drum Drawworks, Lebus grooved for 1 ¼ drilling line, Catheads, Crown-O-Matic, Drum Clutch spear, Air Drillers Console, Parkersburg 40 Hydromatic Brake, 2 Engine (New C-18 CAT’s) in-line compound (2) Qunicy air compressors, Ingersoll Rand HQA501 Air hoist

– WSE 136’H x 20’W Cantilever Mast, 550,000# SHL , (5) sheave crown block with 40’’ sheaves, 48’’ fastline sheave
– 18’’h x 24’ w x 56’ l box on box substructure with rotary beams, stairs, safety rails, (4G CAT lll Inspection 10/10/12), Quincy 5120 Air compressor p/b 30hp electric motor, rig mats

– 40’h x 6’ w x 22’l 2 section cat walk, V-door ramp
– Approx 4500’ of 1 ¼ drilling line with spool and air powered stand
– Chiles 7 station closing unit with 24 (10) gallon bottles, triplex hydraulic charging pump powered by 20hp electric motor, 2 air actuated hydraulic charging pumps, skidded

– 3412 CAT 545Kw Generator House
– (2) Bomco F-1000 Triplex pumps powered by Cat 3508 diesel power, complete with charge pumps, dampeners, manifolds and discharge piping.
– SC Petro 27 ½ rotary table
– GD400 Swivel
– HD 5 ¼ Hex Kelly Drive bushing
– GD 400 ton block and hook combo with a web Wilson 350 hook
– 3’’ x 108’’ elevator links
– Hydril GK11-3000 annular BOP, Shaffer type E 11’’ double BOP
– 10’x30’ Utility house w 75 kva transformer, electric control panels, skidded
– 5000# BOP choke manifold with 2 way cross, (2) 4 1/16 5000# gate valves, (6) 2 1/16 5000# gate valves, (2) adjustable chokes, mounted on 8’’ x 18’’ skid
– 9’’w x 18’’l top dog house with 4’’ covered porch extension, knowledge box, (3) lockers, bench, storage, cabinets, parts bin, lights, heater, and skidded
– Bear 500,000# weight indicator
– Pilot 2 auto driller
– 10’w x 8’’h x 32’l water tank with 7’ porch extension, (2) mission 3×4 pumps powered by marathon 25hp electric motors
– 8x8x28 fuel tank, with transfer pump powered by 25 hp electric motor, 6x6x6 4-compartment lubester, skidded
– 8’h 10’w x 36’’ l Mud section tank with 8’’ covered porch extensions, (2) compartments, round bottom, internal plumbing, (3) 15 hp mud agitators, (2) mission 5×6 pumps powered by 60hp electric motors

– 8’x10’x38’ Mud shaker tank with 8’ covered porch extension, 2 compartments, round bottom, internal plumbing, 2 mission 5×6 pumps powered by 60hp electric motors, Derrick sgl screen linear motion shale shaker powered by 12.5 hp electric motor, 2 15hp mud agitators, derrick de-sander with (2) 12 inch cones, derrick desilter with (12) 5’’ cones, degasser powered by 10hp electric motor, skidded.

– 6x5x6 mud trip tank
– Five star .092 15,000 electric/hydraulic wireline unit
– (2) 4’’ 65’L rotary hoses
– 4’’ 12.5L Vibrator Hose
– (8) 42’’hx29’’l pipe racks
– Ingersoll Rand HU40 Air hoist (new)
– 8’x2’x24’ Junk Box

PRICE: Approximately $7 million including top drive plus shipping. Final price to be determined.


1500 HP

Refurbished 1500 HP SCR NOV 110 UE

Specs – OilRigsNow Refurbished 1500 hp SCR NOV 110 UE


Used Fast Moving 1200 HP – Available Now

Built 2013 / Refurbished 2016
Complete RFQ for Specifications

PRICE: US$ 4.5 Million. Available: Now, Location: Texas

Used European Land Drilling Rigs

2011 Drillmec HH-300 1540HP Hydraulic Hoist Land Rig

Drillmec HH-300 summary

PRICE: Approximately US$ 10 Million. Available: Now in Europe

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