3 Legged Jack-up Offshore Drilling Rig

Design: Marine Structure Consultants / CJ46-X100-D

Completed: 2014 – 2015

Class: ABS

Design Criteria

Max/Min Operating Water Depth: 375/49ft
Max Rated Drilling Depth: 30000ft (9144m)

Main Dimensions

Length Overall: 214.07’ 65.25m
Breadth Overall: 203.41’ 62m
Depth of Hull: 26.25’ 8m
Design Draft: 4.5 m
Overall length of leg: 482’147.4 m including Spud Cans
Number of legs: 3
Type of legs: Independent/Triangular open truss
Heli-Deck Diameter: Helicopter: 72.8’ 22.2m
Sikorsky S61N
Max. Cantilever Combined Load: 1135t at 70ft/20ft
Living quarters: 110 persons

Drilling Equipment

Draw works: NOV ADS-10T 1501Kips(14lines)
Derrick: NOV 170’x35’x40’x18’ TOP 1500000 lbs Hook
Traveling Block: NOV 760TB750, 7×60, 1500klbs
Crown Block: NOV CBC-750, 1500klbs
Top Driver: NOV TDS-8SA 750 st
Rotary Table: NOV RST495, 49-1/2 inch, 726t
Mud Pump: NOV 14-P-220 2200 HP

BOP Equipment

BOP Stack: CAMERON 18-3/4-15000psi, 18-3/4 inch or NOV equivalent
BOP Control System: CAMERON or NOV equivalent

Power Equipment

Main Diesel: Caterpillar/3516C-HD x 5
Diesel Engines: 1603kw x 5
Main Generators: CATERPILLAR KATO x 5
Emergency Diesel: Caterpillar/C32 x 1
Diesel Engines: 994kw x 1
Main Generators: CATERPILLAR KATO x 1

Deck Crane

PEDESTAL Location: Stbd / port fwd./ port. aft.
Boom Length: 135ft
Load/Radius/Speed(min. radius): 50T/7.8M/11m/min
Load/Radius/Speed(max. radius): 5T/43.5M/84m/min
Jacking Systems and Rack chock System
Make /type: GustoMSC /For CJ46-X100-DMSC Jacking system
No. of jacks or pinions: 54 pinions Effective normal jacking capacity: 215 t/pinion Effective preload jacking
capacity: 296 t/pinion Jacking speed: 0.45m/min Rack chocks available: Yes


Company Representative’s Office: 1
Contractor’s Representative’s Office: 1
Control Room/Radio Room: 1
Helicopter Room : 1

Now Available

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